About Us

Venkat Rajan R, Managing Director 
  • Over Eighteen years of international experience in Europe, Australia and Asian countries. Enabled trade between Australia and India for over 8 years, Set up and managed Patni APAC sales organization acquiring over 50 new customers, Set up and run European operations for a US AI based Data Management Product company, Strategized M&A in Europe for an Indian IT services company
  • An IIM Kolkata alumnus founded Value Function to realize Europe business aspirations of technology companies.
  • Countries conducted business in: Swizz, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, US, India, Denmark, Norway
Anil Das, President – Hi - Tech 
  • 25 years of experience in Product engineering and R&D space and a graduate of the reputed IIT Mumbai and IISC Bangalore.
  • Past positions include executive director with at Rolta, Patni, Bluestar and Tata Power
  • Countries conducted business in: France, Germany, UK, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, US, Belgium, Norway, India
Lars Oesterberg, President - Nordic 
  • A seasoned business leader in Europe who has technology companies such as Camo and Umetrics AB. Expertise in turnaround and growth strategies for technology companies, his other management positions include Banqit, EDS Corp, Enea, Ericsson, Nordisk Arrayteknic AB.
  • Fluent in Swedish, German, French and Spanish, has conducted business in more than 20 countries.